Hoopsverse is the first Play to Earn Basketball Manager NFT game developed on blockchain.

Hoopsverse is a NFT project bringing basketball to the metaverse. The collection consists of 10,000 unique ballers living on the blockchain.

The ballers are designed by our Creative Lead, Filip Peraić, a professional illustrator and designer who has an extensive client portfolio designing for the likes of Nike, Air Jordan, Adidas, Forbes, IBM, WIRED and Columbia Records, among others.

Filip is also the creator of James Harden Illustrated, a personal project that has been featured on The New York Times, CNN, Forbes and showcased at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Our mission is to build a Web3 community for our fellow basketball and sports enthusiasts. There is nothing quite like sports when it comes to bringing people together. We envision Hoopsverse to be a global platform for like-minded players to connect and develop relationships online as well as IRL through a mutual love of sport.

To achieve this mission, we are developing the Hoopsverse ecosystem, an immersive, community-driven basketball blockchain game. Within Hoopsverse, players can use their ballers to play and earn $HOLA, which is the game’s primary currency of exchange.

Our long-term goal is for Hoopsverse to become a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO), where all decisions regarding the game will achieved through the consensus of the community.

Our Values

We are a Team of basketball and crypto enthusiasts. Basketball and Web3 is our life. Our long-standing dedication and passion for the sport has taught us the value of hard work and discipline, while our extensive investment experience within the cryptocurrency space has taught us the value of patience and open-mindedness.

Creativity, strategy, persistence and courage are traits that are deeply rooted into our characters. As a team, we all possess different talents and skills that allow us to perfectly complement each other.

Above anything else, we are all long-time friends who came together to build something we love and care deeply about. Ultimately, we hope to share and grow this love with all of you.

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