Q2 2022
Website Launch
Q3 2022
Ballers NFT Mint
NFT listing on secondary marketplaces
Locker Room and training mode
Initial token distribution of $HOLA
Q4 2022
$HOLA Airdrop to the Baller NFTs holders
Farming of $HOLA
Staking of $HOLA
Launch of Marketplace
Q1 2023
$HOOPS Lottery
Launch of P2E Basketball Tournaments
Introduction of Baller Ranking System
Q2 2023
Health to Earn
Teams NFT Mint
Preparations for the MBA League
Q3 2023
Rookie Draft - Ballers get paid - contracts between teams and ballers
Introduction of the Hoopsverse Basketball Academy
Q4 2023
Start of the MBA League NFT
Ring collection for the MBA league winners.
Hall of fame NFT cards