Why does Hoopsverse need its own token?
$HOLA will be used as Hoopsverse' primary in-game currency and governance token. All in-game purchases will be made with $HOLA and a portion this revenue will be distributed in Hoopsverse Game treasury to maintain the development of the Hoopsverse ecosystem.
Total Supply:
Total token supply is 100, 000, 000 HOLA. This is fixed and will not change.
20% Presale
5% Marketing
10% Game development
5% Team
3% Advisors and strategic partnerships
5% DEX Liquidity
7% Staking rewards
5% Farming rewards
40% Game treasury.(These funds are reserved for and will be distributed to club owners at the beginning of every season. Funds will be used for the acquisition of ballers and will be locked until the beginning of each season).